Hello Kitty Felt Crayon Holder!

10 Sep

Last year I made a bunch of Crayon Holders–two for my shoebox and gave the rest to a friend for her shoeboxes and for her to give to other Shoeboxers… (Shoeboxers maybe not the best name for people who pack shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child… but it’s what popped in my head and I can’t really think of another name sooooo I guess it stays)

I found some really cute Hello Kitty ribbon (Joann’s and used a 40% coupon, sign up for their emails!), I have also seen the same ribbon at Walmart.  Anyway, Hello Kitty ribbon is PERFECT for my shoeboxes thanks to the amazing Hello Kitty deals I got at Target this past year.  I’m so excited about my little Hello Kitty shoeboxes–cute is universal :)

This is a great beginner project!  I used this pattern as a rough guide, I did a little assembly line production.  Felt is very easy to work with–it’s so forgiving :) You can stretch it a little if needed. Be sure to pin it because it can move on you a little when you sew. I stitch the top and bottom of the inside ribbon because I think it makes it look a little neater and it will probably hold up a little better. Sometimes I pink the edges with some pinking shears for a little fun edge and sometimes I leave the edge plain… felt doesn’t fray so either way is good!

I decided to only use the Hello Kitty ribbon on the inside of the rolls, to save a little money (and I think it’s a fun surprise to find inside).  I put a few crayons in, a little notebook, and tied it up!  I also put a full box of crayons in the shoebox–you can never have too many crayons!  It is the perfect little addition to a shoebox!

I bought the felt sheets on sale at Joann’s (I think 25 cents each), Crayola crayons 25 cents a box Back to School sale, and the notebooks were fairly inexpensive at Sam’s.  I also make “boy” crayon holders, with yellow stars on the front, and Disney Cars ribbon on the inside.  Pictures of boy crayon holders coming soon!

ETA:  Boy Crayon Holder , Cars Crayon Holder, and  Sparkly Crayon Holders!

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